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Some interesting Facts about Personal Income tax

Hello to all our readers! We have been receiving quite a number of requests from our readers to include various matters relating to personal income tax planning. In our coming newsletters, we shall try to write on such matters. We are compiling a list of topics of general interest, based on which we shall publish our future newsletters. As our esteemed reader, if you have any tax related query or… Read More »

Wanna Minimise your Income Tax – Opt for these “Must have” components in your Salary

In order to minimize the avoidable tax burden on your hard earned Salary, its important to understand ‘What does, however, ‘salary’ mean and include’? Salary includes basic salary, bonus, wages, pension, fees, commission, gratuity, encashment of leave salary, advances and arrears, profits in lieu of salary, allowances and perquisites. An ‘allowance’ is a fixed sum of money given regularly for meeting requirements of an employee while a ‘perquisite’ is a… Read More »